Welcome to the NY Justice Courts.org website. The site is intended to provide basic information about every local court in upstate New York. Please note: it does not include information about courts in New York City, Nassau or Suffolk counties. The site is not part of the New York State Unified Court System website, nor any other official court website. Rather it is provided simply as a public service to provide citizens with basic information about the local town and village courts that exist in every county in New York, except New York City.

The site provides basic contact information about each court, including its address, phone and fax numbers. It also lists the names of the judges that sit in each court and provides a brief summary of the kinds of cases that are typically heard and the volume of cases that the court handles.

The site is organized by county and then by court. Select the county that the court is located in and you will be taken the a "county page" that contains all of the courts listed alphabetically. Once at the correct county page you can browse through the courts or you can select the court by name from the navigation column and you will be taken to the info on that court. Lastly, if you are in need of either a criminal, traffic or civil attorney the site will automatically conduct a search for you on Google.

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About New York State Justice Courts

There are close to 1300 Town and Village Courts (collectively known as the Justice Courts) located in most of New York Stateís town and villages (none are located in New York City). The nearly 2,200 Town and Village judges handle close to 2 million cases a year. The hours and frequency of operation of the individual Justice Courts varies, depending on the size of the locality and the size of the courtís caseload....read more.

The Judges

One of the unique aspects of New York's Justice Court system is that judges in justice courts do not have to be attorneys or have any extensive training in the law.  Judges in every other court in New York must be attorneys in order to assume their seats on the bench.  In many ways the justice court system is a hold-over from New York's colonial period when attorneys were few and far between.  There is a movement under way to improve the understanding of the law that Justice Court judges have.  To learn more about the pro's and con's of the justice court system click here.

Which Courts Handle What Cases?

New York State has one of the most complex judicial systems in the United States.  There are courts of "general jurisdiction" and courts of "limited jurisdiction."  For a brief description of what kinds of cases each court generally hears click here

The System

Another difference between Justice Courts and all other courts in NYS is that Justice Courts are not "courts of record."  This means that proceedings that take place in these courts are not transcribed, word-for-word, by a court reporter.  This can create problems if an appellate court is asked to review a decision made by a justice court judge.  To some extent this issue is being addressed by the program that the state government is implementing to create digital recordings of all proceedings.  As of early 2008 only a limited number of justice courts have been provided with the digital recording devices.

Albany County

Allegany County

Broome County

Cattaraugus County

Cayuga County

Chautauqua County

Chemung County

Chenango County

Clinton County

Columbia County

Cortland County

Delaware County

Dutchess County

Erie County

Essex County

Franklin County

Fulton County

Genesee County

Greene County

Hamilton County

Herkimer County

Jefferson County

Lewis County

Livingston County

Madison County

Monroe County

Montgomery County

Niagara County

Oneida County

Onondaga County

Ontario County

Orange County

Orleans County

Oswego County

Otsego County

Putnam County

Rensselaer County

Rockland County

St. Lawrence County

Saratoga County

Schenectady County

Schoharie County

Schuyler County

Seneca County

Steuben County

Sullivan County

Tioga County

Tompkins County

Ulster County

Warren County

Washington County

Wayne County

Westchester County

Wyoming County

Yates County

Search on  BING by County for Attorneys:

Albany County:             Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Allegany County:        Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Broome County:            Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Cattaraugus County:  Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Cayuga County:            Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Chautauqua County: Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Chemung County:        Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Chenango County:       Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Clinton County:        Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Columbia County:      Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Cortland County:        Criminal     Traffic      Civil
Delaware County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil

Dutchess County:   Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Erie County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Essex County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Franklin County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Fulton County:   Criminal      Traffic    Civil
Genesee County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Greene County:   Criminal        Traffic       Civil
Hamilton County:   Criminal      Traffic      Civil
Herkimer County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Jefferson County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Lewis County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Livingston County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Madison County:  Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Monroe County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Montgomery County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Niagara County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Oneida County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Onondaga County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Ontario County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Orange County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Orleans County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Oswego County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Otsego County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Putnam County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Rensselaer County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Rockland County:    Criminal      Traffic    Civil
St. Lawrence County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Saratoga County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Schenectady County:    Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Schoharie County:   Criminal      Traffic    Civil
Schuyler County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Seneca County:  Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Steuben County:    Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Sullivan County:    Criminal      Traffic    Civil
Tioga County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Tompkins County:  Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Ulster County:   Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Warren County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil
Washington County:   Criminal      Traffic      Civil
Wayne County:   Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Westchester County:   Criminal     Traffic     Civil
Wyoming County:   Criminal      Traffic    Civil
Yates County:   Criminal      Traffic     Civil

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