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Brewster Village Court
208 East Main Street
Brewster, NY 10509

Ph. (844) 278-4020 x16


Hon. Richard L. O'Rourke
Village Justice 
Hon. Richard W. Vercollone
Acting Village Justice 


A quiet village court that sees the typical local traffic, DWI and civil case load.  The real action in this area is in the Southeast Town Court (also located in Brewster) which sees very heavy traffic and criminal calendars.

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Carmel Town Court
Mcalpin Ave-Town Hall
Mahopac, NY 10541

Phone: (845) 628-1500
Fax: (845) 628-4550

Hon. Thomas J. Jacobellis
Town Justice 
Hon. Joseph J. Spofford
Town Justice 



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Cold Spring Vil. Court
87 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516-2810

(845) 265-9070

Hon. Thomas J. Costello
Village Justice 
Hon. Alan F. Steiner
Acting Village Justice 

A small village court that deal primarily with traffic tickets written by village police and a civil calendar dominated by code enforcement and contractor disputes.  Calendar moves fairly quickly, which is a good thing because the courtroom is tiny and can get very crowded.  Court is easy walking distance from Metro-North train station.

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Kent Town Court
25 Sybil's Crossing
Kent Lakes, NY 10512-4744

Phone: (845) 225-1606

Fax: (845)306-5280

Hon. John Peter Collins
Town Justice 
Hon. Joseph Esposito Sr.
Town Justice 


Modest town court that with limited court calendar.  Traffic part has mixture of tickets written by town, sheriff's deputies and NYS Police.  Town prosecutor handles state police violations.  Criminal calendar largely limited to petty crime and DWI.  Civil cases are primarily small claims and code enforcement.  Court moves fairly quickly once it gets started, but judges don't always take the bench promptly.

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Nelsonville Village Court
258 Main Street
Nelsonville, NY 10516 9

Phone: (845) 265-2500

Hon. Stephen G. Tomann
Acting Village Justice
Hon. Dennis A. Zenz
Village Justice

A small town justice court in largely rural area of Orange County.  Modest traffic calendar w/ no town prosecutor for state police traffic tickets.  Typical DWI and misdemeanor criminal calendar.

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Patterson Town Court
1167 State Route 311
PO Box 416
Patterson, NY 12563-0416 

Phone:  (845) 878-9690

Hon. John E. King
Town Justice
Hon. Roger A. Tricinelli
Town Justice


Small town justice court in exurban community in Putnam County.  Modest traffic calendar is handled by a town prosecutor.  Typical DWI and misdemeanor criminal calendar.  Civil actions largely code enforcement and small claims.

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Philipstown Town Court
238 Main St.-PO Box 155
Town Hall
Cold Spring, NY 10516-1401

Phone: (845) 878-1080

Hon. Alan F. Steiner
Town Justice
Hon. Stephen G. Tomann
Town Justice


Smallish town court in located in upscale Cold Spring.  Limited traffic case load, no major highways pass through town.  Criminal case load typical DWI and petty offenses.  Civil calendar largely limited to small claims, landlord/tenant and some code enforcement (most code enforcement is in Cold Spring Village Court.

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Putnam Valley Town Court
265 Oscawana Lake Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579

Phone: (845) 526-3050
Fax: (845) 526-2930

Hon. Gina Claudia Capone
Town Justice
Hon. Louis DiCarlo
Town Justice

Busy town court with large traffic and criminal calendars.  Town prosecutor handles state police tickets from Rt. 17.  Criminal calendar drags on for hours sometimes. 

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Southeast Town Court
1360 Route 22
Brewster, NY 10509

Phone: 845) 279-8939

Fax: (845) 279-1612

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 Southeast town court


Hon. James W. Borkowski
Town Justice
Hon. Richard W. Vercollone
Town Justice

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criminal   traffic  civil


One of the busier town courts on the east side of the Hudson River.  Just relocated from an abysmal, crowded basement to a spacious courtroom north of Village of Brewster.  Heavy traffic calendar with state police tickets from I-84 and I-684.  Town prosecutor handles state police tickets and court moves through them fairly quickly.  But, sheer volume can make for a long night.  Criminal court dominated by DWI and petit larceny.  Civil calendar runs the gamut of landlord/tenant, code enforcement and small claim/contractor disputes.

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